About KCAC

UPDATE – 5th March 2021:

KCDC has notified us that archery is no longer permitted on the grounds we have called home for 15 years or more. Club members with keys are instructed not to enter the grounds for archery practice. We will let you know as soon as an alternative site has been confirmed and we are able to set up again.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – 1st Feb 2021:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been instructed to dismantle our archery courses and vacate the premises. The land belongs to the district council, which has decided that any human activity (including archery) may affect water quality at the nearby treatment plant.

Therefore, all club activities have been suspended until further notice. This includes cancellation of all ‘Have-a-Go’ sessions and training courses for the foreseeable future.

We have left this website intact for now, but please disregard all other information relating to our activities. Once a suitable new location has been found, we will endeavor to get set-up and operational as soon as possible. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

Kapiti Coast Archery Club is located in Waikanae where we practice Field Archery. Unlike target archery (Olympic style), field archery is conducted in among the trees, surrounded by nature and very often on uneven ground. You will find yourself aiming your bow uphill, downhill, between trees and bushes, over streams and on special occasions even at moving targets! Our targets consists of life-sized, rubber models of real animals (known as ‘3D’ targets), pictures of animals, silhouettes and sometimes the more common notion of a target – circles and numbered rings.

Our “Have-a-Go” event at the Te Horo School fair – raised funds for the school.

Every Sunday morning we shoot a different course where groups of up to four archers go around together – much like golf but far more satisfying in a primeval kind of way! The courses are designed to provide fun for all ages and abilities.

The site itself is simply gorgeous with native bush, pine forest, gum trees and open grassland. There are many native plants which look stunning, not to mention the variety of birds you will see here.

We conduct our sport according to the rules of our national and international governing bodies which ensures both a high standard of safety and a consistent framework for competitions both here and overseas. We have both National and World Champions at KCAC, so there’s plenty of opportunity if you want to get serious…!

We welcome all types of bow, ranging from traditional wooden bows, to classic styles made with modern materials through to the latest, high-powered setups with all the bells and whistles (not crossbows though). If you’re not sure where to start, we can advise you and get you shooting with club bows until you decide which type to buy. Note that we do not have a shop so our members will generally be happy to share their own experiences of purchases they’ve made in the past.

We have members of all ages (min 10), plus the odd dinosaur!

So, if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a ‘Robin’, ‘Katniss’ or ‘Legolas’, then do check us out!

“Have a Go” sessions are at 12:30 on the first Sunday of the month, Feb-Nov only. Please contact us first to make sure it’s going ahead, and so that we can contact you in case of cancellation due to weather.

Please note that the minimum age is 10 years old. Although children are welcome to participate, we do not run child-only activities or events. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.