Photo is one of those courses that people either love or hate! The course is comprised of 14 targets, shot twice around. It used to be part of our regular course cycle but has now been replaced with Silhouette most months – partly because the targets have become hard to source and expensive, and partly because of their popularity (or lack of!).

These targets can be heart-breakingly unforgiving! Unlike most other targets, they are (or claim to be) anatomically correct which means that it is possible to make a great shot, only to find that your arrow sits between two higher scoring zones, leaving you with a lower score. Of course, this can happen in the world of hunting; your shot looks perfect but manages to miss all vital organs. (Some of our members also bowhunt, although it is not a club activity).

It’s probably worth mentioning that it’s amusing for everyone else to see a gloating archer brought down to earth when they discover that the 20 points they thought they’d scored is, in fact, only 16! Don’t worry, most people don’t take it that seriously and, since it’s a great leveler, it can be quite fun!

  • 14 Targets twice around, unmarked
  • Photo animal targets fixed to bales
  • Three scoring zones comprised of anatomically correct heart and lung, plus remainder of body outline
  • First arrow to hit scores; 3 attempts, fewer points per subsequent attempt
  • Distances up to 60 yards
  • Qualifies for Badges and Hearts competition
  • Shoot off coloured peg according to grade

Photos to follow…