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Latest Scores from: 6th December 2020

Scores from the current year’s Sunday club shoots are posted here as a PDF. Results are in reverse order (latest on Page 1). Click on the image here to download it.

Please see Scoring Method and Shooting Styles for more details.

2020 Results

Please click on the following for the results of:

Please note: scoring for the 2020 year has now CLOSED. Score cards can next be submitted for badges, league and hearts for the 2021 year commencing in February.

KCAC Club Competitions

The KCAC grading system is based solely on your own results; ie, your grade is not related to any other archer. In other words, you are ‘competing against yourself’.

Each year, usually early December, we run a Club Championship event which pits each member against the others in his/her style (bow type) and division (age/gender).

In addition, there are two competitions which run throughout the year, also split by style and division. That is, your score for each Sunday shoot is recorded and contributes to the final reckoning at the end of the year. They are:

  • The Hearts competition is simply a running total of the hearts (20 scores) shot during the year (Feb to Dec) on the ANZUS, 3D, Silhouette and Photo courses combined.
  • League is calculated from the aggregate of the top three scores from each of ANZUS, 3D, Silhouette/Photo, IFAA Animal and either IFAA Field and/or IFAA Hunter.