Latest: 9th August 2020

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KCAC Grading System

Your shooting ability determines the difficulty of the shots you attempt. As you might expect, beginners start close to the target and progress further away as they become more experienced.

The coloured peg you shoot from denotes the badge/grade you are currently aiming to achieve then, when accomplished, you move out to the next peg. To attain the grade you must score 400 or more three times (except Yellow, which requires only a single score of 400) in the following order:

As the furthest peg, Red will often have an added degree of difficulty such as more challenging terrain or narrower field of view. After reaching the Red400 level, you can work to attain badges for progressively higher scores from the Red peg:

Sighted Un-sighted

Red560 is a PERFECT SCORE!

Sighted styles are: BL, BU, FSC, FSR, FU (see below).

Each week, your scores contribute towards your next badge and/or club competitions (see below). Therefore it is the responsibility of everyone in the shooting group to ensure that all scores submitted are accurate and valid. Incomplete score cards will be disregarded so if you are not sure about any aspect, please ask for help.

The grading system described above is based on scores attained from the ANZUS, 3D, Silhouette and Photo courses.

IFAA Scoring

As a member of the New Zealand Field Archery Association (NZFAA) and, in turn, the International Field Archery Assn (IFAA), KCAC also has IFAA courses.

You will shoot more arrows on an IFAA day, so it’s great for practice; although it’s harder to get a high score! Here are the key differences with IFAA:

  • Different scoring systems
  • Roundel targets (circles)
  • Fewer targets per course but more shots required at each target
  • Shooting position is determined by the distance marked on the peg, not the peg colour.

You will shoot from the corresponding IFAA peg (Cub, Junior or Senior) according to the KCAC grade achieved to date, as follows:

< Green >Cub
< Yellow >Cub
< Blue >Cub or Junior
< White >Junior
< Red400 >Senior

Click here for the full IFAA Rules. It is quite a read (!) so if you’re new to the sport don’t worry about digesting these just yet. Our friendly club members will gladly show you where to stand and what to aim at!

KCAC Club Competitions

The KCAC grading system described above is based solely on your own results; ie, your grade is not related to any other archer. Some say you are ‘competing against yourself’.

Each year, usually early December, we run a Club Championship event which pits each member against the others in his/her style (bow type) and division (age/gender).

In addition, there are two competitions which run throughout the year, also split by style and division. That is, your score for each Sunday shoot is recorded and contributes to the final reckoning at the end of the year. They are:

  • The Hearts competition is simply a running total of the hearts (20 scores) shot during the year (Feb to Dec) on the ANZUS, 3D, Silhouette and Photo courses combined.
  • League is calculated from the aggregate of the top three scores from each of ANZUS, 3D, Silhouette/Photo, IFAA Animal and either IFAA Field and/or IFAA Hunter.

Notice: Due to the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the subsequent closure by the Council for tree felling, the 2020 year League will be calculated on your top TWO scores for each round, instead of three.


You can choose to shoot in any of the following styles:

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  • BBC – Barebow compound
  • BBR – Barebow recurve
  • FSC – Freestyle compound
  • FSR – Freestyle recurve
  • FU – Freestyle unlimited
  • BHC – Bowhunter compound
  • BHR – Bowhunter recurve
  • BU – Bowhunter unlimited
  • TR – Traditional recurve
  • LB – Longbow
  • HB – Historical bow

For a complete description of these styles, please read this.

If you own more than one bow or want to change the configuration of your bow, you can switch to another style or progress through multiple styles simultaneously. Please consult with a club instructor to ensure that you are submitting scores under the correct style (using a non-compliant bow is basically cheating!).


  • Cub (M/F): 10-12 years old (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
  • Junior (M/F): 13-16 years old (must be accompanied until competent)
  • Adults (M/F): 17+
  • Veteran (M/F): 55-64 (optional – can choose to remain in ‘Adult’ division)
  • Senior (M/F): 65+
  • Dinosaurs: please do not feed