The Silhouette round is the newest addition to our courses. It is generally placed over the ANZUS (unmarked) course and replaces Photo most months.

Targets are silhouettes or monochrome illustrations of animals with three scoring zones that can sometimes be challenging to see until up-close! The detail you can make out will depend to a large extent on the amount of light and orientation. These targets will challenge your knowledge of the animal’s anatomy to know where to aim for maximum points.

  • 14 Targets twice around, unmarked
  • Monochrome animal targets fixed to bales
  • Three scoring zones, plus “X” or “pro-heart” zone
  • First arrow to hit scores; 3 attempts, fewer points per subsequent attempt
  • Distances up to 60 yards
  • Qualifies for Badges and Hearts competition
  • Shoot from coloured peg according to grade